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Quieesha Burns


Born in USA, May 4th 1991

2009-Current:Studying at Cazenovia College NY

 Inspiring designer from Syracuse,New York. Well known for her creativity and craftsmanship, Quieesha's influences reach far beyond the design arena.  Teaming up with local CNY designers and music artist as well as charity organizations, Quieesha has built a brand of prosperity for the Community.

Quieesha’s exploration of the world of fashion began in 2004 in a high-school college preparatory arts class. Quieesha has continued to cultivate her passion for the arts by as a Fashion Design and Business Management/Accounting double major at Cazenovia College.

As a Fashion Design student, Quieesha has helped coordinate  the Annual Cazenovia Fashion show. In addition, Quieesha has collaborated with follow Cazenovia College student, Precious Allen, to organize fashion show events. (do you want to say where). Fashion events such as, name, have brought hope to Syracuse (put specific community) and to communities in the Congo.(how did you do this) 

After being recognized for her great exploration outside of the school Quieesha began design dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World Foundation. A organization  with the mission of  elevating the esteem of girls around the world by making sure every little girl has the dignity of owning at least one dress. The girls that are served don't always have torn dresses--sometimes they are torn on the inside. To this day she is well involved with designing and constructing garments to girls in need around the world , with dedication and love.​


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